Boho Anklets

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Bohemian anklet, the ethnic spirit

In the bohemian fashion, the whole body deserves to be sublimated with jewelry. A boho anklet offers a touch of sensuality and femininity to the look.

Synonymous with travel, sun and vacations, anklets accompany us both on the beach as well as to go to parties. In fact, we do not leave it any more. In summer, it can be worn barefoot or with a pair of sandals associated with shorts or a boho dress. For a stylish look, simply do not fasten it too tightly.

We love the Indian style anklet with beautifully worked chains adorned with small bells or tassels.

Discreet gold or silver ankle bracelets are very sensual and refined jewelry for the bohemian woman.

The fancy anklets are taking over our ankles with their charms, shells and colorful beads. A golden or silver chain embellished with small pendants is the perfect complement to a chic and casual look. With a simple turn or a multi-row chain your ankle will be sublimated perfectly.

The shell anklet breathes beach and vacation while highlighting your tan.

With its colorful beads, the pearl anklet enlivens your outfit. The natural stone beads or mother of pearl are very popular among boho women.