Boho Blouse

The bohemian, elegant and romantic blouse

The bohemian tunic is a key element of the boho style that is essential to have in your wardrobe. Feminine and chic, this trendy top delicately dresses your bohemian outfit to suit your desires. You can choose between the famous white blouse with long and puffy sleeves, the colourful blouse with flowery prints, the embroidered vaporous tunic... chic, rural or romantic, there is something for every taste.

Ample and comfortable, the boho blouse will look great combined with shorts, jeans, pants or a skirt.

At the office or during holidays, the boho tunic is easy to wear as it adapts to all silhouettes and all occasions.

Our women's boho blouse collection

Regardless of your style, you'll find what you're looking for in our large selection of bohemian tunics, blouses and shirts.

Our collection is available in a variety of choices. The fabrics are light and breathable to ensure your comfort with a variety of blouses in cotton, muslin, linen, viscose and other aerial materials.

Long and flowing cut or shorter and flared? United or coloured model, pure or embellished with fantasies such as tassels, or ethnic patterns? Choose your women's tunic according to your desires.

Blouse and shirt, which boho style should I choose?

Which boho blouse will best reveal your personality?

A white long-sleeved shirt with a V-neck and frills is ideal for a boho chic look. In the same way, perforated materials that play on transparency such as embroidery, guipure and crochet bring elegance to your outfit.

If you want a romantic touch, opt for a lace tunic or a bohemian blouse with flowery prints in powdered tones. Furthermore, the Bardot neckline with bare shoulders will sublimate your femininity.

With an embroidered blouse with puffy or flying sleeves, tied at the waistline, you'll wear a very trendy bohemian folk style.

Don't forget to accessorize your long tunic with your belt or your favorite jewels for a total bohemian look.