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Bohemian bracelet, the art of stacking

In the bohemian style, we love the accumulation of jewelry - also known as the art of stacking. This way of accumulating accessories on the neck, arms or ankles is ultra trendy!

After the layering of light and airy clothes, it's the turn of the jewelry to create your look. So, don't forget earrings, necklaces and rings to complete your boho chic outfit. We also assemble many boho bracelets to cover our wrists: chains with tassels that we mix with rushes and beaded bohemian bracelets.

Gold or pearl bracelets are very chic for a boho wedding, whether you are just a guest or the lucky one. It's also makes a great gift idea for a woman, no matter what her age. The gold chains with fine or large mesh are particularly elegant and can be worn on all types of occasions. Go for the boho chic bracelets adorned with hammered gold pieces or for the models with small pendants.

The art of stacking, also known as layering, consists in stacking jewelry on one or more parts of the body. To play on the trend, we focus on an accumulation of chains or we can choose bohemian multi-row bracelets. This jewelry, composed of several chains of different styles, perfectly fits in the boho style for covering the forearms. A mix of stones, pearls, beads and tassels... there's something for everyone!

Beaded bracelets are the flagship jewelry of the bohemian chic and casual style. Since the 1920s, pearls have been a symbol of femininity and glamour. Today, they are revived with new materials, colors and styles. You will find wooden beads, natural stones or shells, in various shapes such as heishi beads and their flat surfaces or small square stones ... The possibilities are endless.

To give some relief to your gipsy style, do not hesitate to mix thin jewelry with thicker bracelets. The adjustable models are very practical because they fit all wrist sizes. We fall for the boho fancy bracelet with pendants or the openwork rush that recalls the lace in a boho chic style.

At a bohemian wedding, you can complete your outfit with bracelets made of natural or dried flowers that will bring a delicate romantic touch.

The boho style bracelet is very fashionable this season. For a total boho chic look, don't hesitate to play on the accumulation while varying the shapes and styles!