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Boho earrings for illuminating your face

Among jewelry, the bohemian earrings are undoubtedly the favorite accessories of women. Nowadays, they are worn asymmetrically for a modern look. Big golden hoop earrings, fancy earrings with colored or hanging pendants, there are infinite types of ear jewelry that will highlight your face.

The boho hoop earrings are timeless, traversing the ages and cultures of the world without losing their brilliance. We mix them either with casual or very chic clothes. These golden or silver earrings are available in an infinite number of variations: with pearls or natural stones, they will bring a very chic and colorful touch to your outfit, while the large golden earrings will sublimate your features with great elegance. Several sizes and shapes of hoops are available: small hoop earrings will be more discreet while the big XXL earrings will give you confidence and a nice look. Round, oval, decorated with patterns or twisted, the hoop earrings are still ultra-trendy.

With its geometrical shapes, engraved patterns and hammered effects, the boho chic earring is particularly refined. Catch eyes with pretty dangling rosettes subtly decorated with hippie chic cosmic symbols. Add a touch of brightness with gold stud earrings with a butterfly back. Bohemian chic earrings are perfect for a formal event, as they'll elevate your outfit in a flash. Whether they are dangling or on a pin, these are the perfect bridal earrings.

Ideal for highlighting your face and neck, the dangling earring will give your face a glow. With its pendants, colored bangs, tassels and other dangles, it gives pep to your boho look. These earrings will dance with your movements and can be worn for everyday wear as well as for a special event like a bohemian wedding.

If you're a fan of the retro look that has been taking over the fashion world over the past few seasons, opt for a pair of vintage boho earrings. Pick tortoiseshell patterns, yellow gold or large cabochon stones like jade, malachite or jasper. Effect guaranteed!

The bohemian style is inspired by all the vibes of the world. Ethnic style earrings, decorated with precious or semi-precious stones, provide you with an irresistible charm. We love handmade jewelry that evokes travel. Turquoise earrings for example are very popular.

The boho style earrings offer a very trendy look. Elegant and refined, they sublimate all of your outfits, highlighting your pretty face. The perfect jewel to offer to a bohemian woman.