Boho Graphic Tees

The graphic t shirts for a trendy retro boho style

A 70's t-shirt inspired by the hippie, rock, or American vintage style : an essential piece in the bohemian retro womens wardrobe. Simple and easy to wear, this ultra-comfortable apparel goes perfectly well with a pair of denim shorts, a skirt or canvas pants. Worn with a knot at the waistline, loose or tucked into jeans, graphic tees will give you a relaxed, utopian, rebellious and even feminine style that reveals your character.

Our women's graphic tees selection

Long, oversized, short, tank tops or crop tee, with a v neck, crew-neck or round-neck, plain or patterned, our retro collection includes a wide range of women's t-shirts. Generally made of cotton, you'll adore their lightweight and breathable fabric. In addition, the pastel, powdered or darker, slightly faded colors are perfect for a seventies style.

A bohemian, a graphic rock, a hippie or a vintage American t-shirt ? You will find one that suits your needs.

Assert your personality and opt for printed shirts for women with designs inspired by legendary rock bands, floral Flower Power, bikers, 70s America or even with a travel vibe.

With our bohemian style t-shirt collection, create your own look according to the rock, folk, chic or romantic trend.

The boho t-shirt: your best friend whatever the season

A must-have item in your retro bohemian wardrobe, the vintage t shirt is a timeless one, always on the cutting edge of fashion. short sleeves or long sleeved, sleeveless, with a rounded collar and floral or vintage prints, it will definitely become your best friend for a fashionable look all year round.

Below a denim or leather jackets, a vest or an oversized knit sweater during winter. Above a swimsuit during summer... the vintage t-shirt will be the perfect complement for all-women while ensuring freedom of movement and absolute comfort.