Boho Jewelry

How to define boho jewelry? Delicate and sensual, it enhances the body of the woman who wears it. Often gilded or adorned with natural stones, it illuminates any outfit by bringing that final touch. For an assertive bohemian style, we like to wear our jewelry in accumulation.

Bohemian jewelry: the basis for sublimating your style

The boho style is all about the accumulation of pieces. We superimpose clothes and fancy jewelry to obtain an elegant boho-chic effect. Head jewels, earrings, necklaces, sautoirs, back jewels, bracelets, rings and ankle chains, every part of the body can be sublimated with boho jewelry!

Boho hair jewelry: the hippie chic trend

At the forefront of hippie chic fashion, the headband comes to magnify your hairstyle. Floral or plant motifs are the order of the day. Among the boho style jewelry, the hair ring that slides along a braid is also very trendy. Lastly, hairbands and flower crowns are always in style at bohemian weddings and ceremonies.

Boho earrings to illuminate your face

Ethnic or fancy, boho earrings will sublimate your face to perfection. We love the imposing golden or silver creoles and the dangling earrings adorned with fine stones, feathers, pendants, patterns or tassels that come to embellish your ears.

The boho necklaces for a pretty neckline

In the boho chic style, we love to combine necklaces of different lengths in order to highlight the bust. This jewelry layering will complete your outfit while enhancing it. Silver, gold, or aged metal necklaces, multiple row necklaces or beaded necklaces all are must-have items for a gypsy style. Also consider chokers as well as charms and pendants like shells or tassels.

Boho bracelets to adorn your wrists

Here again, we dare to wear multiple fancy bracelets, bangles and cuffs to dress up our forearms. We love the ethnic and plant motifs, the semi-precious stones, the pendants and other fantasies. The Bohemian jewelry in silver or gold are highly appreciated. Similarly, leather bracelets or wooden beads allow a very natural bohemian look.

Rings: must-have jewelry for a boho chic style

A true bohemian will always carry several rings on her fingers. For a boho chic look, we focus on the accumulation of engraved, braided or twisted rings. The Indian style rings in silver with their natural stones such as Turquoise are often very beautiful.

Anklets: the ultimate ethnic touch

Adorned with bells, patterns or pendants, the ankle chain is ideal in summer when wearing sandals or walking barefoot. We totally fall for the handcrafted anklets. Original and aesthetic, this is the perfect boho ethnic jewel!