Boho Jumpsuit

The boho jumpsuit, fashion star

Adopted by the biggest stars and admired on the fashion show podiums, the bohemian-style jumpsuit is a very trendy clothing since a few springs.

It is composed of a top and pants or shorts in one piece. The waist is usually underlined by a ribbon belt that is tied in front or on the side.

It''s light, chic and relaxed, the jumpsuit gives you a dreamy silhouette, especially when worn with heels. Practical, it dresses you up in no time at all and adapts to all occasions. If you're at the office, in its dressy version, at home, in the evening, or to walk on the beach in casual mode, the boho jumpsuit is perfect.

What bohemian jumpsuit fits you best?

In front of our large choice of bohemian-style women's jumpsuits, here are a few tips to help you choose the right model according to your desires.

When you're going to work, choose a boho chic jumpsuit in plain colours or with delicate patterns. The shirt collar, or V-neck, straight pants, sleeves that cover the shoulders or arms bring a more sophisticated touch. The choice of materials is also important. Opt for quality fabrics. Embroidery, lace and small details will make the difference and give you a urban look.

A bohemian jumpsuit will be perfect to brighten up your summers. In colourful or flowery patterns, it offers a very fashionable summer look, ideal to sip a cocktail on the beach or to stroll around town with friends. Prefer light and fluid fabrics such as cotton, chiffon or viscose to be comfortable.

The heart-covering collar brings a sensual touch while the elastic bustier accentuates your golden shoulders. You can also opt to wear short sleeves, flying American armholes or long flared sleeves, depending on your preferences.

If you want a sexy boho evening dress, opt to wear a chic jumpsuit with flying or perforated fabrics, straight or flared pants, palazzo style or a short jumpsuit.

Casual or chic according to the models, the jumpsuit is a comfortable, original and practical piece that shows off your femininity while sublimating your natural beauty.