Boho Maxi Dress

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The bohemian long dress, the authentic boho feeling

With floral, vintage, white or colorful prints, the long bohemian dress is the women's favorite bohemian clothing. It perfectly matches in their philosophy which combines freedom and romanticism.

Floral prints, vintage, white or colorful, the long bohemian dress is one of our favorites. This dress is perfectly in line with the bohemian philosophy that combines freedom and romanticism. Flowing and light, this pleasant to wear outfit does not hinder the body as well as letting it breathe, while providing a natural style that enhances your femininity. That's exactly why the bohemian long dress is so much trendy nowadays.

The boho maxi dress for a max of choice

From empire to wrap-over, wallet, slit or asymmetric models, our maxi dresses are declined in numerous styles to fit all seasons and to satisfy all your desires.

You will adore our aerial fabrics which gives a sleek look, available in cotton, linen, polyester, viscose or silk muslin.

The long dress is wearable all year round. Short sleeves, bare shoulders or thin straps in summer, long and flared sleeves in winter...the maxi dress will seduce you. Perfect for many occasions, a chic night out, on vacation and even at the office.

Ruffled hems, buttoned openings, sequins, ribbon belts, and other chic touches are perfect to spice up your look and enhance your silhouette.

Openwork or semi-transparent fabrics such as lace, embroidery or tulle will add a touch of elegance. We really appreciate the softness of the bohemian style which is both sophisticated yet casual.

You will also appreciate the smocked bustiers, the flared underskirts, the ruffled sleeves, the V-necks as well as the plunging necklines fitting your body shape. With such a wide range of choices, you will surely find what you are looking for.

The boho maxi dress mixes ethnic, retro, rock and folk trends to compose a unique style that suits you, while shaking up the dress codes. Create the boho outfit that corresponds to your personality by associating your long dress with numerous jewels and personalized accessories, and don't forget your favorite Fedora hat.