Boho Necklace

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The boho necklace, the jewel that enhances your neckline

The bohemian necklace has the power to enhance your outfit in just one gesture. Whether it's a long necklace, a chain with a pendant, or a choker, this jewelry instantly reveals your feminine side. With its gold or silver chains, wooden pieces, shells, tassels and other fantasies, the boho necklace perfectly complements your boho style.

How to wear a bohemian necklace?

Are you looking for a necklace to wear for a bohemian wedding or just for everyday wear? The necklace can be worn on all occasions, whatever your clothing. On a V-neck, an open blouse or a plunging neckline, the necklace should stop just before the neckline.

A short chain will perfectly match a strapless top. With a dress with a square or boat neckline, we prefer a long necklace or a long multi-row necklace. The choker is ideal for off-the-shoulder tops like Bardot blouses. While with a turtleneck or a sweater, we will rather choose a sautoir. Finally, a shorter boho necklace or a backdrop necklace will be perfect to sublimate a wedding dress.

The bohemian choker highlights the base of your neck while catching the light. There are many models: assortment of small golden pieces or mixed chains, XXL, large natural stone pendant... they will attract the eyes for sure!

The boho chic sautoir necklace is a key piece in boho fashion. This pretty ornament sublimates your bust, whether it is a multi-row necklace or a pendant chain. The opera comes down to the belly while the rope necklace comes down to the belly button. Lastly, the backdrop necklace is an original gift for a boho woman.

With the bohemian multi-row necklace, we multiply necklaces to play on accumulation; key word of the boho look. This jewel accessorizes a boho look while highlighting your upper body. Fine golden mesh is combined with pearls, natural stones and enameled pieces are used to sublimate your appearance.

The multi-row necklace can be of different lengths: short as a choker or long as a sautoir. Fall for a boho hippie necklace with soft symbols like the moon or stars. Engravings and material effects are also characteristic details of the bohemian chic necklace.

In an artisanal way, the boho necklace is adorned with metal elements, charms of all kinds and bangs. The bohemian shell necklace is also very trendy this season and perfect for surfers. Combine several necklaces for a boho chic look!

This year, elegant and glamorous pearls from the Roaring Twenties are back in force! The boho pearl necklace dresses up your outfit while sublimating it with colorful notes. Natural stone beads like turquoise are a must have for the bohemian look.

In addition to enhancing your clothing style, the bohemian style necklace elegantly asserts your personality. Combining sensuality and femininity, the bohemian necklace is the ally of women who want to spice up their look.