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The boho ring: style all the way to the fingertips

Because small details sometimes make all the difference, the boho style covers you right down to the tips of your nails. It is said that the boho ring is charged with cosmic vibrations that express the desire for freedom. The trend is to accumulate rings on each finger. Also, you can sublimate your hands with multiple jewels of various shapes and thicknesses for a total boho chic look.

In gold, brass or stainless steel, the golden boho ring is infinitely available: geometric ring, snake-shaped or engraved with hippie symbols such as the moon and stars. The boho chic ring is at the height of refinement: we like the minimalist style and the small details such as grooved rings, decorated with beads or hammered pieces.

Silver rings are also part of the bohemian style. We love the handcrafted Indian style rings with their stones and arabesque patterns offering a very elegant ethnic touch.

This year, it's all about chic and mystical natural stone jewelry. The turquoise bohemian ring is a must-have accessory for the bohemian woman. Other semi-precious stones such as rhodonite, carnelian, white mother-of-pearl, moonstone and tiger's eye are known for their lithotherapy powers.

The hippie spirit reveres pieces charged with spirituality and cosmic symbols as well as natural materials and handmade jewelry. The Om, the tree of life, or the Flower Power ornaments are must-haves to have among your jewelry. The boho hippie rings are worn on all fingers. So don't forget the thumb or foot ring for a total boho look!

The Bohemian mind likes to play on contrasts. A large boho ring with a wide band will bring a touch of audacity. Designs with pendants, set with stones, open-worked or engraved are also perfectly in line with the trend. Alone or accompanied by fine rings, the large boho ring will perfect your boho chic outfit. If you don't know your finger size, or as a gift, select an adjustable bohemian ring which is sure to fit your finger perfectly.

The bohemian style rings are essential fashion accessories that will upgrade your style. Alone or in combination, they are ideal for perfecting a boho look, but they can also be worn with any other outfit. For everyday wear or for a special occasion, these rings magnify your hands while subtly revealing your personality.