Boho Skirts

The boho skirt makes us dizzy

Mini or maxi, flowery or united, the boho skirt appears in an infinite and not finished to surprise us. This bohemian clothing gives more freedom of dress than a robe: according to the top that you will associate with your skirt, you will get several variations of the bohemian style. 🌻 It can be worn with a simple t-shirt for a rock'n'roll look, with a lace top for a chic bohemian style or with a flowing shirt for an office outfit.

In summer, the mini boho skirt is perfect for showing off your legs. 🌞 We like it flying and flowing, with a pretty flowery and vintage print. In winter, there's no question to put it in the closet! We choose it in velvet or in thick cotton, and those who are cold can even add a pair of tights.

We love the maxi boho skirt

The maxi boho skirt is a must in the bohemian dressing room. Straight or ample, high waistline or wallet cut, this clothing knows how to adapt to all morphologies. And, because every woman is different, there necessarily exists a skirt which will correspond to your silhouette.

If you want to lengthen your look and harmonize the curves of your hips, we prefer the high waistline long skirt. It can be worn with a blouse or with a crop-top for the most daring. Split, the bohemian skirt plays with your femininity. 🌼 In order to bring a bit of madness into your daily life, we adopt the asymmetrical boho skirt, short in front and long at the back. For a bohemian chic style, we completely fall for the long and vaporous bohemian skirt with semi-transparent tulle.