FAQ - Ambassadors

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To apply for our Ambassador Program, simply register here. You willreceive a confirmation email within 2 hours.

⚠️ Make sure that the confirmation email is not in your junk mail ! If so, add our email addressambassador@boho-vibe.com to your approved contact list to make sure you don't miss out on any future information !

To apply for our Ambassador Program, you must meet three requirements :

- Have an Instagram account with at least 100 Followers.

- Be over 16 years old.

- Follow us on Instagram ➡️ @bohovibe_shop

For any question, you can contact us via DM on Instagram or by email on ambassador@boho-vibe.com.


In order to receive a commission, people simply need to use your custom coupon code when they order goods in our store.

You will receive 10% of the amount of the order placed with your coupon code.

On your ambassador dashboard, you will find a link to add on your Instagram profile which will allow you to automatically add the coupon code at the check out. For more information, consult the ambassadors' guide.

Let's take a quick example :

Imagine someone uses your coupon code and places an order on our website for a sum of 100$. You will receive 10% of this amount which equals 10$.

There is no limit ! It all depends on your motivation and your involvement as an ambassador. The average ambassador earns between 200 and 300 $ per month. We even had an ambassador that earned 586 $ in just one month !

Our program is designed to reward the most involved ambassadors. For that reason, your 10% commission can be increased when you exceed a defined level of orders placed by using your coupon code:

✔️ 10% commission for 0 to 25 orders

✔️ 12% commission for 26 to 50 orders

✔️ 15% commission for more than 50 orders.

As soon as you exceed an order level, please contact our team so that we can update your new commission rate !

All earned commissions are displayed on your dashboard in real time. You can track your earnings by logging in to the ambassador platform.

Gifts and Rewards

Besides earning money through our program, we reward our most active ambassadors with gifts for each level reached:

- 5th order ➡️ A 20$ voucher offered.

- 10thorder ➡️ The boho dress of your choice.

- 15th order ➡️ A 50$ voucher offered.

- 20th order ➡️ The bohemian skirt of your choice.

- 25th order ➡️ A voucher of 75$ offered.

- 30thorder ➡️ The product of your choice.

- 40th order ➡️ A voucher of 150$ offered.

- 50th order ➡️ A 250$ voucher offered.

As soon as you reach one of the levels mentioned in the previous question, contact us at ambassador@boho-vibe.com and we will send you your gift or reward.


As a Boho Vibe ambassador, you will be promoting our brand on your social media networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter or Youtube.

Share our products as well as your passion for the bohemian fashion with your friends and family while earning money and gifts.

Feel free to share your own photographs or repost our available content found on our website or Instagram (post and story). We will be happy to repost your photos!

To promote our brand, please do not hesitate to consult the ambassadors' guide. A step by step guide on how to promote our store and maximize your earnings.


There are 2 payment methods:



You can select the payment method you wish to use in the "settings" section of the ambassador dashboard.

Paypal payments are made on the first day of the month.

To avoid transaction fees, payments are made starting from 10$ commissions.

If you wish to convert your earnings into a voucher, please contact us after having reached a minimum of 10$ commission.  

Sure you can ! In case you don't want to receive money, we can convert your commission into a voucher which can be used in our store in order to receive free products.

You will receive an automatic email each time someone orders by using your coupon code. Your commissions will appear immediately on your ambassador dashboard.

When a person orders using your coupon code but then decides to cancel the order, get a refund or return the order, the earned commissions are cancelled. Although this rarely happens, it is possible that some commissions are removed from your dashboard.

Payments are made in US Dollars ($).

If you would like to be paid in another currency, please contact us at ambassador@boho-vibe.com.