Boho clothing and casual look

What does the « bohemian » term mean to you? Freedom, carefree and happiness? Or the floral maxi dresses, fringed jackets or lace tops? In both cases, you're right. However, one doesn't go without another. If we can define bohemian as a timeless and casual dress style, it's also a real life philosophy.

Your freedom is something sacred? Aren't you afraid to big dreams, to break codes and dazzle the world with your positivity? Well, in this case, you can say that you have a real bohemian spirit. Nevertheless, a bohemian soul can't feel perfectly congruent unless it feels good in its body and in the image it sends out to the world. And, precisely, this perception that others have of us is mainly due to our dress style, hence the importance of the look we adopt. 🙃

Boho Vibe is an online shop offering you a large selection of boho clothes in order to help you to create this congruence between your style and your state of mind. Boho Vibe caters to both the seasoned fashionistas and those who are curious in search of their own identity.

From the long dress to the mini boho skirt, you will find all the clothes you need to create a wardrobe worthy of the chic, sensitive and independent bohemian woman of today.  Bring out your gypsy side and your artistic soul while wearing frills skirts, lace shirts, embroidered tunics and blouses and puffed sleeves. Don't forget the essential accessories such as hats, scarfs in your hair, pairs of espadrilles.

Enough talk, it's time to lose yourself in our boho clothing collections to find the outfit that really suits you. Once your wardrobe is full, you can always find us on our blog. You can read articles on boho lifestyle, tips and tutorials on hairstyle and make-up, or the list of the best bohemian music festivals. See you soon! 👋